Auditorium Upgrades

Macon City

Macon City Auditorium Upgrades with New PVC (Vinyl) Roofing

ROOFING CHALLENGE: Macon City Auditorium is a nearly 100-year-old arts and entertainment venue in Macon, Georgia, capped by a 15,000-square-foot copper dome that ranks among the world’s largest. Bibb County commissioners have committed to a series of renovations, starting with a new roof to cap the historic hall. This included replacing the structure’s low slope roof system and updating its trench drain. The dome roof is divided into an upper and lower section by an expansion joint and a slight elevation change; inspections revealed that water was becoming trapped between a concrete deck and a modified bitumen roof on the low slope section just below the dome.


Project lead Jody Usry of Edifice Consulting chose a 45-mil adhered membrane roofing system for its proven formula, fabric, and design. It was lightweight while offering excellent puncture resistance. It could be glued to the surface beneath it and meet the project’s FM 1-90 wind uplift rating requirement. The ability to bond the membrane directly to cellular concrete was important because the concrete was relatively shallow in many places, making mechanical attachment impractical.

Preserving the look of the venerable city landmark was vital. A large palette of colors available with the Fibertite Fleeceback was able to match the hue of the pea gravel originally used on the field of the roof, as well as approximating the patina copper on the building’s parapet walls.

The new roof will help ensure a dry and comfortable space for workers and visitors alike.