Powell Hospital

Powell Hospital

PVC (Vinyl) Gives New Life to Leaky Hospital

ROOFING CHALLENGE: Plagued with persistent roof leaks at Powell Hospital in Powell, Wyoming, hospital administrators knew swift repair action needed to be taken. A leaky hospital roof is more than just an inconvenience – it not only can cause damage to sensitive medical equipment but could also affect patient health. Hospital administrators and facility managers immediately set out to find a new and environmentally friendly waterproof roofing material.


The majority of the roof leaks were due to failure of the existing roofing system around parapet walls, flashings and roof details. Gravel ballast on top of the roof made finding and then repairing the leaks even more difficult. What was needed was a roof system that would be able to withstand the harsh Wyoming weather, while reflecting sunlight and reducing cooling costs – and the urban heat island effect.

After an analysis of available roofing material and their accompanying warranties, the team tasked with solving the hospital’s roofing problem chose a Duro-Last roofing system made of prefabricated, single-ply, white thermoplastic vinyl. The fact that 80-85 percent of all seams and detail work would be hot-air welded was what convinced the hospital that this product would prevent a repeat of the original problems.

While it’s true the installation team was wary of inclement weather slowing its progress (the day they wanted to begin the installation eight inches of snow fell on Powell), timing the installation to accommodate the hospital’s operations was even more of a concern. The construction would need to take place around the operating room schedule, leaving Friday afternoons and Saturdays the only open times.

Not only was the new, waterproof roofing membrane strong enough to solve the problems of the old roof, but the white roofing system added an additional benefit for Powell Hospital: it would reflect the sunlight and reduce cooling costs – and the urban heat island effect.