Food Processing

Maple Leaf Foods


ROOFING CHALLENGE: A food manufacturing facility in Ontario, Canada, had a 6-year-old thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) roof in need of replacement. The roof has been pushed to its limits with rooftop equipment, harsh snowy winters, and, most importantly, foot traffic from maintenance crews.

Due to the wear and tear on the existing TPO roof system, the food processing facility experienced thousands of leaks over the years. These leaks not only posed a damage risk for the equipment below, but also created a safety hazard for employees and even a health concern for customers. It was critically important that the food manufacturing facility resolve the issue and prevent future leaks.


The owners of the food processing facility knew that they wanted to replace the roof with another single-ply system. The new roof system needed to be watertight, easy to install, and, most importantly, puncture-resistant to stand up to mechanical damage and foot traffic. Facility managers were initially looking into another TPO roof, but instead decided on the most effective roof design, which included a new vapor barrier, polyisocyanurate, mechanically fastened HD coverboard, and FiberTite 50 mil XT membrane.

The roof was able to be installed without disrupting the processing facility and its employees. This was important to the owners because the facility is subject to regular federal inspections for public safety.

The puncture resistance of the membrane is expected to hold up to wear and tear and eliminate leaks. The food processing facility also installed dedicated walkways to control foot traffic. The new roof is expected to provide at least 30 years of service.